Woodland Park Resident Joins Ranks of Golden Residents

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Garden Communities Celebrates Hilda Luchetti with one year’s free rent 

WOODLAND PARK, N.J., Aug. 22, 2022 Garden Communities this summer named Westmount Village resident Hilda Luchetti as its newest Golden Resident, during a special ceremony at her Woodland Park apartment home. Founded in 2020, the program honors those who have occupied their apartments for 50 or more years; Luchetti marks the program’s 10th member. 

Recognizing that such longtime residents are the backbones of their communities, Garden Communities provides its Golden Residents with more than just congratulations for their loyalty – they also get a year’s free rent. Members of the Garden Communities corporate and Westmount Village operational teams were among the attendees at Luchetti’s celebration, which included a formal ceremony and refreshments.    

“They did a beautiful job,” said the 95-year-old Golden Resident, who was given flowers and a large cardboard sign thanking her for her longtime residency. Luchetti paid tribute to Westmount Gardens’ property manager, Dave Platt. “He’s so busy but he does so much for me,” she said.   

Luchetti has not changed her apartment much over the past half century. What she has done is add lots of plants. “The whole bedroom is full of plants,” she said. “I raised one that started off with one leaf but is now very full. There’s a tree that’s 35 years old in the bedroom.” 

Her green-thumb secret is to fill gallons with water and let them sit for a day or two to “let the oxygen out” before using them. She also has a plant thermometer that lets her know when it’s time to water the plants. 

Books are another passion Luchetti has in abundance. “You should see the apartment – I must have 150 books,” she said, adding that Stuart Woods is her favorite author, and she is already planning to order his newest book.   

A self-described “self-made woman,” Luchetti remembers when she first moved to Westmount Village – which, she said, is very convenient to shopping and to main roads. “It was just me,” she said. “My daughter worked for an airline, so every weekend I took a plane somewhere.”  

While Luchetti lost her son at age 60 and her daughter lives in Spain, she forged a close relationship with one set of neighbors who subsequently moved to Arizona. “They treated me like family,” she said. “They wanted me to move to Arizona too.”  

Luchetti chose to stay. And as for the year’s free rent, she said, “it’s wonderful.” And with the support of her “fantastic” property manager, she looks forward to many more years at Westmount Village. 

Short Hills-based Garden Communities is a leading New Jersey-based real estate owner, builder, and operator in the multifamily niche. In addition to its many long-time communities, the firm’s robust project pipeline will introduce dozens of new developments in the tri-state area over the next several years. With vertically integrated operations providing full in-house support from site acquisition, to leasing and property management from infancy to stabilization, Garden Communities’ continual, thoughtful evolution involves providing fresh, next-generation inventory while constantly improving existing rental properties to serve demand and support changing lifestyle needs.    

PHOTO CAPTION: Pictured from left to right are Bob Schopperth, Johnny Ortiz, Dave Platt (standing), Hilda Luchetti and Janet Serio. 


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